Connect two people


“It is one of the most beautiful compensations of life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson



In a predominantly individualistic North American culture, I have seen how isolating it can be when working towards personal goals.  It can be difficult to navigate through resources out there, make the right connections to get ahead, and have support or encouragement along the way.

In today’s information-addicted, social media savvy world, I am constantly reminded about the value of connecting with people in person in meaningful ways, and the power of collaboration to influence the world around us for the better.


I believe everyone has talents, passions, and wisdom they can share, and there is so much to learn from one another.  I believe that supporting one another to fulfill our individual and collective potential is why we are all here.


One of my favourite things to do is connect people who share similar interests and can benefit from knowing each other.  Just this week, I connected two of my friends who are both doctors and are interested in rural medicine.  I also connected two of my friends who are local singer/songwriters.

Being on the message thread after you introduce people is incredibly rewarding because you see new bonds being built, and valuable information, resources, and advice being shared between people.  In some cases, like my friends who are both singers, it can lead to great collaborations coming about and both people mutually benefiting.  Best of all, you see two people who you know separately, becoming friends.


So in the next few days, I encourage each of you to connect two people you know.


Maybe you refer someone looking for help, to someone you know who can help them.  Maybe you connect people based on similar interests or goals.  Maybe you connect two of your friends, just because you think it would be amazing if they were friends too.

And if you’re up for it, let’s have some fun with this and try a social experiment:  I want you to not only connect people, but also tell the people whom you connect, to do the same and connect two people they know.  Tell them a crazy blogger dared you to do it.

Let’s see how far this can go.  I’m really looking forward to hearing about all the great things that will come out of it.



Reconnectfully Yours,