Reconnectfully Yours, My New Show Thursdays at 11am EST

Dear friends,


First of all, thank you so much for all your support of my blog.  I’ve been writing my My Life Is My Message for a few months now and it has been incredibly rewarding to write, as well as to interact with and learn from all of you.

Building on my blog, I’ve decided to add a video interview show to allow for more interaction, encourage the sharing of stories and learning from one another, and to foster a community of like-minded people.


The mission of my show, entitled “Reconnectfully Yours”, is to help people reconnect with what matters, continuously improve themselves, and live their full potential.


I want to showcase guests who embody these principles, and discuss a specific topic each episode.


Shows will take place every Thursday at 11am EST, on a great new online platform I am using called Spreecast.  It is really neat because we simply have a conversation on video (no prepared speeches or anything), interact with guests through social media & chat, and also take audience questions during the show.

We are fully booked with amazing speakers until the end of March 2013, so I look forward to having you along for this next fun adventure with my video show.


Thanks for all your support, keep doing great things, and keep shining bright.


Reconnectfully Yours,