Being Fully Human Tip #10: Create A List For Your Soul

GREAT NEWS!  I’m excited to share that I completed all of the challenges, except being away for my 30th Birthday.  I decided to spend it instead with loved ones nearby. 


 “When I’m sad, I stop being sad, and be awesome instead.” – Barney Stinson                                           

Last week I was feeling drained.

These days I am speaking at leadership events, presenting workshops, hosting my online interview show, taking yoga teacher training, traveling between cities regularly, seeing friends when I can, and like many of you, trying to do it all.

Even though I am enjoying most of these activities, I was feeling a bit burnt out.  This is quite the paradox, seeing as I write about reconnecting to what matters.  At the end of the day, I too am human.

Having been burnt out in the past, I know there are certain things I need to do to feel energized, feed my soul, and bring back the spark in my life.


I knew this had to come from within, and that something had to change.


On Saturday night, it was my mom’s birthday and we watched the movie “Yes Man” with Jim Carrey.  It is about a middle-aged man who gets stuck in the cycle of the mundane routine of working a 9 to 5 job, isolates himself from his friends, and hates his life.  He then serendipitously attends a leadership seminar and starts saying “Yes” to everything.  With this new attitude, he ends up trying new things, having a whirlwind romance with a beautiful girl (Zoe Deschanel), and starts living life to the fullest.

On Sunday, I learned about a project my friend, Laura, had done with her boyfriend to keep things exciting in their lives, try new things, and follow their curiosities.  They decided to take on the incredible goal of doing, creating, experiencing, making, learning, and visiting 365 new things, projects, and places within a year; and they did it!  Check out their awesome visual blog to learn more.

With both of these timely bits of inspiration over the weekend, I realized I had to take a step back to create room for myself and not always be running around from one activity or commitment to another.  I also reflected on my own list of fun and exciting things I have always wanted to try.


I was reminded that life doesn’t happen to us; it happens for us.  That in every moment we have a choice, and that we can fill each waking moment so much passion that it takes our breath away.


In this spirit, I have decided to achieve 30 things while I am 30 (I turn 30 in late December).  This list is for my soul, and I will achieve these hand-in-hand with my other goals just.  Let me know if you want to join me for any of these!  Feel free to connect on Facebook:, and Twitter: @sahiltdhingra.


Here is the list:

  1. Start a Jogging Photography club like in “Yes Man”
  2. Celebrate My Birthday Abroad
  3. Let my best friend set me up on an Online Date
  4. Say YES an entire week
  5. Visit a Buffet for 4 hours and devour it with friends
  6. Take a Mandarin lesson
  7. Cook a locally grown meal
  8. Plant a tree
  9. Ask out a girl in a coffee shop
  10. Volunteer with a blind person to help them with groceries or errands
  11. Give out Free Hugs in a public place
  12. Do a Laughter Yoga class
  13. Take a ukulele lesson in Corktown
  14. Longboard in a suit downtown
  15. Sing in a Choir
  16. Create an online meditation video
  17. Try a Day of silence
  18. Get Published
  19. Learn a magic trick
  20. Be a tour guide for a day in Toronto
  21. Have a jam session and sing in public place with friends
  22. Take a photo with friends in a photo booth
  23. Take a dance lesson
  24. Have a total of 200 people experience a Dream Circle
  25. Teach a yoga class
  26. Ride a bike to work
  27. Work at one of my favourite coffee shops for a day
  28. Host a Lazer Tag in suits birthday party
  29. Donate stuff from my house
  30. Visit the places, neighbourhoods, and schools in Toronto that I came from.


Each day is a gift, and in any moment we have a choice to do what fills us with passion, energizes us, and keeps us playfully exploring all that life has to offer.  Stay curious, be spontaneous, and savour the sweetness of life.  Sometimes, going from feeling overwhelmed to feeling awesome simply takes a moment to reconnect to the things that make you come alive, and then going and doing them!


What’s on your bucket list?  What are you going to do before the end of the year?


Reconnectfully Yours,