Breaking the silence & stigma of suicide – my interview with Shawna MacDonald



Here is my interview with Shawna Percy MacDonald:


Shawna lost her husband to suicide when she was 32 years old, two days before her daughter’s 2nd birthday.  She is an author, speaker, and started the Good Grief Guru blog to encourage and support others to share their stories of grief, loss, and stigmas to help them cope and heal.

In this episode, we discuss the importance of sharing your vulnerable story, mental health issues, processing suicide, and the importance of support systems.  Shawna also shares insights from her upcoming books on living with someone who has attempted suicide, and life after suicide.

Shawna is a dear friend, and seeing her go through this incredibly difficult situation, and turn it into an opportunity to grow herself and help others in similar situation, is very inspiring.


Reconnectfully Yours,