Staying Grounded When Things Go Haywire – My Interview With Katie Jeanes

Katie JeanesCheck out the recent episode of Reconnectfully Yours, my show about reconnecting to what matters.  This week I interview Katie Jeanes on “Staying grounded when things go haywire”


Katie’s journey from being a Kinesiology student to becoming a successful serial entrepreneur, is nothing short of amazing.  After graduating, she started a website to inspire and activate readers to do a little more good in their communities; A Little More Good is now in numerous cities around the world.  Katie now provides social media consulting services to companies, and recently launched her dream company – HelenJean, a fashion line for game changing women.


In this interview, Katie shares stories of her entrepreneurial journey, challenges she faced, and things she has learned along the way.  She shares tactics she uses to stay balanced and grounded at work, in her personal life, and when interacting with loved ones.  This includes, how to prevent burnout, how to reconnect to your true self in times of chaos, and how to enjoy the process instead of focusing on outcomes.  We’re often told the importance of these things, but I really appreciated Katie’s insights on how to actually do them.


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