Generosity, Sharing & Collaboration – My Interview with Syerah Virani

Syerah ViraniCheck out the recent episode of Reconnectfully Yours, my show about reconnecting to what matters.  This week I interview Syerah Virani on “Generosity, Sharing and Collaboration”


Syerah Virani is nothing short of a game-changer!  She is a lawyer, coach, professional speaker, executive at (one of the largest South Asian online media outlets), and Founder & CEO of Zentrepreneur.  Her most recent project is designing and launching Toronto’s newest co-working facility called Zen Campus.  Set to open in the spring of 2013, Zen Campus will be a hub for helping entrepreneurs to grow, collaborate, connect and learn from one another.


In this interview, Syerah shares stories of her entrepreneurial and personal journey, including significant books and people, that have shaped her values of generosity and sharing.  This includes, how to build a business while still being generous, growing your personal networks by being a connector, and the often over-looked benefits for profit, credibility and business of collaborating with others.  I truly appreciate Syerah’s determination to create good through all of her personal and professional activities, and believe she serves as a true leader and example for all of us to learn from.


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