“Into The Heart Of A Man” with author, Ashton D’Silva Marcon

AshtonJoin me on Thursday February 14th, 2013 at 11am EST for this week’s episode of Reconnectfully Yours, my show about reconnecting to what matters.


This week I interview author and youth worker, Ashton D’Silva Marcon, and he takes us “Into the Heart Of A Man” http://sprc.st/q79i.  In case you miss it, this link will stay live to watch the replay as well.


In this episode, we will discuss the masculine pressures of growing up as a boy, the severe lack of progressive male figures, and the importance of being a mentor and guide for young men.  Ashton also takes us through what he considers the stages in the journey of becoming and being a man.  We will also delve into consequences of masculine mindsets, as well as how it affects how men interact with others, including women.


Ashton is a child and youth counsellor who works with elite male athletes; boys, ages 11-17 years old, who are training in the professional dance program at Canada’s National Ballet School.  Through his work, he provides counseling, mentorship and support through process work, energy work and imagination exercises.  He is publishing his new book, “Renewable Manhood”, later this year, and presenting a course in partnership with the Toronto Public Library in April 2013 called “Opening the Wild Man’s Heart.