The Power of Giving – my interview with Eland Bronstein

img20130219-17199-hxcvli485730_323354871054705_268516903_nCheck out the recent episode of Reconnectfully Yours, my show about reconnecting to what matters.  This week I interview Eland Bronstein on “The Power of Giving”


Eland  is the Co-founder of the Give Project, currently running an organic farm on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia, and is starting a new voluntourism company called Let Live Travel that helps people in their 20’s and 30’s experience travel to India while having rewarding local volunteering experiences.


In this interview, Eland tells us how the Give Project started, how we can give, and what we can give.  He discusses our responsibility to give, and the unexpected benefits of giving to others including the trust and connection giving creates with others, how giving leads to abundance, moves us away from attachment, and helps us live in more of an interconnected manner.  Eland also shares stories of his many travels that have shaped his passion for giving, how he inspires others to give through speaking and the unique Give Project wrist bands, and the upward spiral effect of positivity it creates in people’s lives.  I truly appreciate Eland’s vulnerability to share his stories, admire the movement of giving the Give Project is creating, and his passion for volunteering as a way to give and reconnect to what matters.


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