In Your Eyes, my poem for my mom



In Your Eyes


I see in your eyes

Hope to overcome obstacles

Strength to endure when things fall apart

Courage to take on whatever comes


My eyes bow in gratitude

You show me my potential

To embrace life and emotions

And allow me to share


Your eyes are

Always watching me and always have

Shining and bright

With grace


Eyes that

Never judge when I am rude

Don’t ignore me when I won’t speak

Forgive when I make a mistake


Your eyes see it all

You give and seldom ask

You value the little things

Moments, family, and faith


Through your eyes

Your life is your love

Your love is caring for us

Unwavering and simple


Our eyes don’t meet that often anymore

Telling ourselves we’re busy

Missing each other

To sit and gaze


But our eyes know

The love we share is immortal

You always know how I am

And what I need


Your eyes are the crest of a rising sun

The light behind my shadow

The roots of my tree

An ocean to my beach


My eyes see yours

I am here to love you forever

Your joy and strength is my own

You are my bliss


Your eyes are what I have seen my whole life

They are the most precious ones

In your eyes, I see all of life

And what I see is beautiful.


Happy Mother’s Day