Ukulele flash mob




Last Wednesday morning at 7:30am, I joined roughly 40 other people to take part in something very unique.  It was a ukulele flash mob organized by Project Ukulele Gangsterism.


The idea was to play ukulele to brighten up people’s day as they made their way to work in the morning.


We attended weekly rehearsals for 3 weeks, there was a YouTube instructional video on how to play the song, and the passion of everyone in the group was nothing short of contagious.  We forged bonds over a shared love of the ukulele, spontaneity, and community building.

When the day arrived, the group descended into the underground PATH system that connects City Hall at Queen station with Toronto’s Union train station; roughly spanning a distance of 3 subway stops.

We sang our song repeatedly, as we walked and made our way through the underground concourses.  Some people stopped to take notice, took videos on their phones, and thanked us for what we were doing.  Others walked by in robotic fashion, without flinching or turning to glance, almost as if they couldn’t bare to diverge from the usual route they take to walk to work.


This experience made me very much aware of how our environments can shape our mood, and the importance of not numbing our innate need to be creative and have fun.


The joy I felt was mutually shared in the group, and with those who stopped to listen to our song.  I realized that this joy we had experienced and created for others was way more significant that the perceived importance of many of the things we get caught up thinking we have to do in the mornings; rushing to work, pushing our way through crowds of people, and getting frustrated with transit or traffic.

The song was entitled “Have an Awesome Day”, and for me, it was a perfect way to start my day.  It made me realize that these few words, when I say them to myself in the morning can significantly change the trajectory of my day.


When I show up fully ready to make each day awesome, the energy I project into the world is what others can pick up on and possibly emulate. 


When we reached Union Station, we made it up to street level, and continued to play for those passing by and the construction workers in the area.  We then walked on street level back through the financial district and made our way back to City Hall where we started.  Once we arrived at our final destination, and completed our journey, everyone let out an exhalting “WOOOO!”, cheering for what we had done and expressing the inner joy we all felt.

I then made my way to work, still wearing my v-neck and shorts, and playing the ukulele for those I encountered while walking on my way.


What is a fun, shared experience, you’ve had with others lately? 


Reconnectfully Yours,



P.S.  Here’s the link to the Video: 

They want to spread this song across the world, so feel free to try this out in your own city!