It has been just over a year since I began The Potentialists, and Reconnectfully Yours.  Some of the highlights have included speaking at over 30 events, completing a 30 day bucket list challenge before my 30th Birthday, hosting 20 Dream Circles across Canada, hosting 16 video interview shows, and writing this blog which has had over 15,000 views on just 50 posts.

I’m excited and energized to begin this fall.  Before leaping into my next projects and ideas, I wanted to share my theme for this upcoming year.  Last year, I was focused on “a year of giving”, and that is why there were so many ideas and initiatives.  This next year, my theme is “a year of being useful”.  I want to focus on helping people develop skills to lead connected and fulfilled lives.

For me, being useful as a speaker, writer, and community builder means that I want to take time to listen to you.  I want to know what your needs are, what you’re going through, and how I can support you.  I believe that supporting one another to reach our individual and collective potential is why we are all here.

As a way for us to co-create in the process of supporting each other, please kindly fill out this short 2 minute form below. Be sure to click “Submit” at the bottom.