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 “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things” -Henry Miller



Recently, I read a great blog post by one of my favourite bloggers, Chris Guillebeau, on how to audit yourself to improve your circumstances.  His post made me think about questions such as whether I was happy, how I was using my time and energy, and whether I was spending enough time with the people I wanted to.  He also made me consider how to realign my choices, keep what is working, and make adjustments to improve what isn’t working.


After reading his blog post, I decided to create a document to do My Personal Audit (click here to get your free template).  I looked at my life from a holistic perspective in the areas of my contribution/career, personal life, and health.



For each category, I wrote down what’s working well (what I’m grateful for, what is inspiring and strengthening me, what brings me joy) and what’s not working (what’s draining me, where frustration lies, where I feel I’m falling short).  Then I thought about what I could learn from both what is and isn’t working, and what changes I could make to feel more aligned. 



Over this past year as a Professional Speaker, there are many things that went well.  I’ve spoken at over 30 events and hosted 20 Dream Circles across Canada; presented my first TEDx speech; and had the chance to receive facilitation training through Partners For Youth Empowerment Global and the Canadian Institute of Cultural Affairs.


In thinking about what didn’t work, I learned that I am spread too thin without alignment between my speaking and blog and video show, I prefer presenting my own workshops instead of designing completely customized workshops; and need to create a focused niche for myself.


By doing My Personal Audit, I discovered my niche is helping others develop skills to be extraordinary; namely, tapping into your creativity, harnessing your potential to take action, and leveraging social networks to achieve your goals.  I also learned other things such as my need to find a speaker mentor who is 2 or 3 steps ahead, my desire to travel more for speaking (USA or Asia would be great), and the importance of feeding my inner world as much as I contribute to the outer world.



From this, I realized that I have to make sure I’m being spontaneous within the structures I’ve created, and focus on doing daily practices that fill my soul and nourish my health. 



This includes daily meditation, yoga, good nutrition, supplements, and breathing exercises, dance parties, and laughter so that my inner wellness is a strong parallel stream to my external world.  After having recent setbacks with my health, which ultimately hindered my ability to work as a speaker, this has become even more evident. 


Here is the link to free My Personal Audit google doc.  Enjoy filling it out, and let me know if you have any questions or feedback.  I hope this process helps you as much as it helped me.



Reconnectfully Yours,