Oct 29th Video Show: “How To Create Habits to Be Productive”

After 16 episodes of my show last year, I’m excited to announce a new season of Reconnectfully Yours.  This month’s theme is How To Take Action On Your Goals, and the first episode was aired on Tuesday Oct 29th at noon EST.  

Here is the link to the replay of the show  http://sprc.st/i1WvH.  I host the show on Spreecast, which is a fantastic platform because it allows me to interview a guest, but also allows for live chat and questions from the virtual audience (you!).  

And now, to introduce the episode:


“How To Create Habits To Be Productive”, with special guest Matt Tod



I’m so excited to have my dear friend, Matt Tod, on the show to talk about “How To Create Habits To Be Productive”.  We had a great conversation about how to create positive habits that help us thrive, morning rituals for success, how to carve out time for personal development, and Matt’s tips and strategies he uses to set priorities and achieve his goals.

Matt Tod is an international speaker and leadership facilitator.  Matt has a strong passion for helping people find their place & purpose in the world. He believes in positively impacting the lives of others and using our gifts and skills as a way to create positive change in our own lives, our communities, and in the world.

Here is the link to the replay of the show on Tuesday October 29th at Noon EST or to watch the it at a later date:  http://sprc.st/i1WvH


Reconnectfully Yours,