INTRODUCING The 30 Days of Connection Challenge

I’m excited to announce the first ever Potentialists 30 Days of Connection Challenge.  The month of November will be focused on “Connecting with others”, and it is free to participate in this community challenge.





3 Reasons WHY I created this?

  • I love bucket list challenges, and want to try a new way for us to grow as people by stepping outside our comfort zone.
  • I want to shift from only consuming inspirational material to actually taking action.
  • I want to shift from working on goals in isolation to making personal development fun, experiential, and about bringing people together to achieve goals.



What makes it Awesome?


The Power of Momentum

You’ll receive an email every six days with 6 challenges to complete to help you Connect With Others. Taking smaller risks is easier than bigger ones, and each group of challenges will focus on a specific theme to help you build confidence. The challenges will help you connect with others, listen better, support others, share more, overcome fears, and have fun!

Interactive Exhibits

As a participant, you will take photos of each completed challenge, share them with us on social media, and we’ll feature them as an interactive feed on the Potentialists website. It will become a curated art exhibition of connection where you can view what others are up to, and cheer them on.

Doing it with others

I will be doing the challenge, along with many others who have already signed up.  You’ll receive a tracking form to keep yourself accountable, people will support you along the way, and there will be opportunities to connect with others doing the challenge and at the end of November I’m thinking of hosting a celebration event which we’ll livestream for everyone involved, wherever in the world you may be.


Note: Registration is now closed. Over 100 people around the world signed up for the November 2013 challenge. To see the photos of challenges being completed, check out The Potentialists website.



Reconnectfully Yours,