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“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” – Helen Keller



Have you ever wanted something from someone, but were too afraid to ask?  I’ve often wondered why I try to work on things myself, shy away from revealing my intentions, and hide behind social constructs that tell me that true goal achievement is an individual pursuit.


I’ve seen countless times over in my own journey when I’ve shied away from asking.


I have shied away from asking girls I liked out.  I have hesitated to reach out for support when I was going through a difficult time.  I’ve also hesitated to ask for help for fear of judgment or criticism of what I was working on.


But every time I have asked, I have grown.


People saying “No” to me has taught me that sometimes it means “Not right now”, and sometimes it means “No way”.  It has also taught me that outcomes aren’t in my control and all that I can do is continue to have intentions to connect with others and genuinely keep asking for what I want.


I’ve also learned that more often than not, asking has led to a “Yes” on things I would never expect.  Asking is what got me a dream job for the David Suzuki Foundation to coordinate the first national community leadership program.  Asking is what got me a travel writer pass to the Wanderlust Whistler Yoga festival this past summer.  More recently, asking is what gave me to speak on the biggest stage I have ever spoken on.


To the latter point, I recently presented a connection challenge lunch time activity for 1000 youth at the Sony Centre in Toronto for the Youth Philanthropy Initiative.  I met one of the coordinators at a workshop we had both attended months prior to the conference.  After we got to know each other better, I asked her how I can support her with the conference to which she said that she would love to have me as a presenter.


Long story short, people help you and support you along the way.  It is one thing to declare your goal to the universe (I do believe verbal and written goals are powerful), but it is equally important to tell others and reveal your intentions.  You’ll never know what doors may open until you do.


If you’re looking to learn how to develop skills to be extraordinary, form meaningful connections, and experience the power of community, visit my new website: The Potentialists – The Community for Achieving Dreams.  There are also some awesome photos so far in the Community Feed of people completing the 30 Days of Connection challenges.


Reconnectfully Yours,