This month’s theme on The Potentialists is How To Connect With Others To Achieve Your Goals, and the second episode of my show this season will be aired on Thursday November 14th at noon EST.  

Here is the link to join the show or watch the replay after the fact  I host the show on Spreecast, which is a fantastic platform because it allows me to interview a guest, but also allows for live chat and questions from the virtual audience (you!).  

And now, to introduce the episode:


“How To Have Conversations To Connect With Others”, with special guest Paulina Cameron



I’m so excited to have Paulina on the show.  We will be speaking about how to have conversations that are vulnerable, deep, and meaningful.  We need to be able to connect with others, in order for them to like us, and therefore, see our perspective and support us on our goals.  We will speak about ways to have conversations that go beyond typical topics such as talking about the weather, how to navigate emotional conversations to help you express how you’re feeling, and how to create a space with others to open up and reveal what you’re going through so that they can support you.

Paulina Cameron is  is a Business Development Manager at the Canadian Youth Business Foundation, the Chair of Young Women in Business, and leader of The Playground project, a personal development project based out of Vancouver.  Paulina is always curious about ways to improve her habits and routines, and is passionate about having great conversations with others.


Here is the link to the show on Thursday November 14th, at Noon EST or to watch the it at a later date:


Reconnectfully Yours,