This month’s theme on The Potentialists is How To Connect With Others To Achieve Your Goals, and the third of my show this season will be aired on Thursday November 21st at noon EST.  

Here is the link to join the show or watch the replay after the fact  I host the show on Spreecast, which is a fantastic platform because it allows me to interview a guest, but also allows for live chat and questions from the virtual audience (you!).  

And now, to introduce the episode:

“How To Find People Who Help You Thrive”, with special guest Scott Dinsmore

high res headshot scott


I’m so honoured to have Scott on the show because he is one of the people that inspired me to leave the path I was on towards a legal profession, and pursue my passion of becoming a youth speaker and facilitator.  I did his Live Your Legend program in January of 2012, and it changed my life.  Seriously!  Scott is passionate about helping people find work they love, and did a great TEDx talk on the topic.  Check it out here.

We will be speaking about the importance of surrounding yourself with people who want to see you succeed, how to find these kind of people, and how to add unique value to others in order to form meaningful connections.  Connecting with others is an important yet, often overlooked part of how we work towards our goals.  We’re not taught how to do this, so I’m thrilled to have Scott on the show to share his wisdom for what will definitely be an awesome conversation.

Here is the link to the show on Thursday November 21st, at Noon EST or to watch the it at a later date:


Reconnectfully Yours,