This month’s theme on The Potentialists is How To Connect With Others To Achieve Your Goals, and the fourth show of this season will be aired on Thursday November 28th at Noon EST.  

Here is the link to join the show or watch the replay after the fact  I host the show on Spreecast, which is a fantastic platform because it allows me to interview a guest, but also allows for live chat and questions from the virtual audience (you!).  

And now, to introduce the episode:


“How To Keep Up Relationships With People You Connect With”, with special guest Stephen Shedletzky

Stephen headshot



I’m so honoured to have Stephen on the show because he was one of the first people I shared my idea for the Potentialists and Dream Circles with, and has been a great supporter ever since I moved back to Toronto.  Stephen is a speaker, facilitator and coach, founder of InspirAction, and Movement Correspondent with Simon Sinek Inc. at the Start With Why Movement.

He recently wrote a 22 page guide on how to make meaningful connections on purpose, and you can download it here for free or on a pay what you can basis, with 50% of contributions going towards developing leaders via

We will be speaking about how to keep up relationships with people with intention, the greatest currency in relationships, and the components of building trust.  We’ll also be talking about some unique approaches to being memorable with new connections and maintaining relationships you value.

There is much emphasis in forming meaningful connections and how to network, but we often overlook how to follow up and keep up these connections. I’m thrilled to have Stephen on the show to share his wisdom for what will definitely be an awesome conversation.

Here is the link to the show on Thursday November 28th, at Noon EST or to watch the it at a later date:


Reconnectfully Yours,