Update: Leo had an allergic reaction the morning of our Jan 16th show, and wasn’t able to come on the show as scheduled.  Health comes first.  We will be rescheduling this episode to some time in February 2014.


Have you ever tried changing a habit and wondered how to do it? Do you find it difficult to overcome the fear and inner resistance involved in doing so? 



In July 2013, I attended the World Domination Summit in Portland, Oregon.  At a pre-conference meetup hosted by Scott Dinsmore, who was on my show in the fall of 2013, I saw Leo Babauta standing across the room.  Immediately, I had the thought cross my mind that I should go say hello and tell him how much his blog ( inspires me.  After a great conversation, Leo offered me a ride to the opening party for the Summit, and I promised him that I would have him on my show sometime soon.

Fast forward to today, and I am beyond excited and so honoured to have Leo on my show on January 16th, 2014.  He is one of the biggest single-author bloggers in the world, former journalist of 18 years, and currently leads a simple life in San Francisco with his family and children.  Some of his accomplishments of changing his habits to turn his life around include quitting smoking, becoming a runner and recently completing his first ultramarathon (50 miles!), waking up early, becoming a vegetarian, eliminating his debt, losing weight (over 50 pounds), and giving up his car.

Here is the link to join our conversation on the show on Thursday January 16th, at Noon EST or to watch the replay at a later date  I host the show on Spreecast, which is a fantastic platform because it allows me to interview a guest, but also allows for live chat and questions from the virtual audience (you!).  Hope you can join us!


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