“Being the best is rarely within our reach. Doing our best is always within our reach.”  – Charles F. Glassman

My BIG goal this year is to speak in USA, Europe, Asia and Australia. To step outside my comfort zone, I shared it on Facebook, almost as a way to make myself publicly accountable; which was scary.

It is great to have goals, but it is more important to take small actions towards them right away, and every day.

I was reminded about the importance of taking small actions and doing things that scare you during the first week of 2014.  I attended an awesome event called the Toronto Power Group’s Board Breaking ceremony to start the New Year.  We celebrated our successes of 2013, danced, met new people, and set some huge goals for our lives.  We then picked the most important goals we wanted to work on for a year, wrote down the “WHY” for each one, and then picked one goal to focus on.

But by far my favourite part of the evening was when we did the board breaking.

On one side of the board, we wrote down a fear or belief that was holding us back, and on the other side, we wrote down how our lives would be transformed and who we would become if we broke this fear or belief.

I wrote down that what was holding me back was that I need to let go of the conditioned beliefs I have believed or been told about what is “truth” or “right”.  I feel that sometimes I believe the stories my mind tells me about how a law grad like me can’t become a professional speaker, that I can’t travel the world, and that I should be guilty for trying to have the type of life I want to.

On the other side, I wrote down that if I broke through this, I would be unstoppable, judge myself and other people less, be greater, serve more, connect better with anyone despite where they were at, and blaze my own trail.

Over 10 people in the Potentialists community came, and there were over 150 people in the theatre jumping up and down and cheering each other on.

Every single person broke the board, even if it took a few tries. Here is the video of me breaking through the board:

We often set resolutions to start a new year, but what is holding you back that you need to let go of? What do you want to break through this year? How will your life change if you do?  Break through it, and trust me, it is really sweet on the other side. See you there!

Reconnectfully Yours,