“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”
― John Lennon



I like to start every month with setting intentions in different areas of my life; my work, my health, and my relationships.  I have noticed that many times when work gets hectic, my health is the first thing I start to neglect.  As a result of being “busy”, along with the negative energy brought on by not nourishing my body, I start to do things that cause my relationships to suffer as well.

Sometimes I let my negative energy spill on to those closest to me by becoming overly critical or cranky.  Or I withdraw from social interactions, say “No” more often to invitations, and hide behind my “busyness”.  Other times, I forget that fostering and maintaining relationships takes effort and regular time and attention; for play, adventure, meaningful conversations, and mutually supporting each other.


As a result of my reflections, I want to share my method for fostering relationships and building connections into my life every month:


  1. At the start of the month, think about your goals in your work, health, and personal development.
  2. Then think about what kinds of people do you know or could reach out to (perhaps via LinkedIn, social media, or already in your network), who you could connect with who could help you grow; the type of people who you enjoy being around, learning from, and sharing with.
  3. Think about WHY you want to meet them, how you can entice them to join, and how you can meet in creative ways.  Maybe instead of just meeting for coffee, as the usual cliché, perhaps you can meet for a jog, do an activity you both enjoy doing (e.g. trying a new restaurant), or attending an event you both want to go to.
  4. Think about how you can connect for the purpose of giving and supporting them.  Perhaps you can help them finish a task they need help with, teach them something they are looking to learn, or simply show up and let them ask you questions and share what you know with them.
  5. For strangers or people who inspire you, consider doing an Informational Interview using this guide.
  6. Keep track of what happens, follow up on what you said you would do following the meeting, and keep up the relationship with check-ins.


In terms of my own personal goals for connecting with people, here are some of the people I am connecting with and why:


For my work, I’m having tea and a Skype call with two speaker mentors this month to reconnect with them, hear about their recent trips, and to get advice on how to deal with some things I’m struggling with.  I’m also meeting potential collaborators for how to take Dream Circles to the next level, and guest posting on 2 blogs this month.

For my health, I am meeting with a kundalini yoga teacher to learn more about that style as it is my favourite kind and the type of yoga I would love to be trained in.  I am also spending time cooking and juicing with people who are passionate about eating healthier, which is one of my ongoing goals.

For my personal life, I am hosting a dinner party with friends, starting a social club called Local Explorers to try new restaurants and travel together locally with people, reconnecting with a few old friends from university, and taking a few trips with loved ones to nearby resorts.

As ways to give and connect, my goal this month is to give 30 people “Dream Sparks” to move towards their goals by connecting them with people or resources to help them.  I am also meeting 3 people to support them with their projects, helping a friend move, being a part of a collaborative project called #100in1 day in Toronto to make 100 things better in the city in one day, and attending a personal development event with members of The Potentialists community that will help us.


Intentionally doing things to connect with others and myself every month has made each month that much more enriching, rewarding, and fulfilling.  What will you do to connect this month? Who do you want to have part of that journey?


Reconnectfully Yours,