“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”  ― John Lennon




Coming out of my reflection on the month of February (see post here), one of the things I realized was that as much as I enjoy working towards my goals, it was kind of isolating sometimes.

Sometimes there isn’t anyone who “gets you”, who understands your dreams, and who has been able to achieve something of a similar caliber.  Sometimes we need someone with expertise in a certain area, a role model, and a friend to help us along our journey.


Have you ever wanted support for your dream?  What if you had a group of people who inspired you to be better?


I realize now that in order for me to get to where I want to go, I need to have role models for the qualities, behaviours, skills, and characteristics I want to develop.  I need to connect with people who inspire me.

However, there was a time I used to think that no one wanted to be my mentor.  I would have tea or lunch dates with potential mentors, only to find that after a great conversation, and exchanging resources and stories, we wouldn’t necessarily have an ongoing and regular connection.  Mind you, I know that not everyone wants this, but since connection is one of my highest values, it got me wondering how do I keep and build connections with people that are enduring and that continue to help me grow.

My big revelation was that I couldn’t ask ONE person to be the “BE ALL” mentor for me; someone who keeps me accountable, inspires me, and helps me grow in all areas.


Instead, I have learned that I need to build a personal Board of Directors. 


Just as a company needs to do regular reviews, improvements, and visioning, I believe that we too need to do the same as individuals.

This revelation led me to think about my goals in the different areas of my life and who I would connect with to help me achieve them.  When picking people for my personal Board of Directors, I essentially picked people I wanted to be like, got along with, and had the qualities I wanted to develop.


I now have people on my personal Board of Directors, who serve as my role models in areas such as:


My Giving Director constantly creates innovative gatherings, opportunities and ways to teach what he knows to others.  He inspires me to continue to think of ways to serve others, add value, and build meaningful connections.

My Speaking Director, who is a top tier professional speaker, advises me on tips to get more speaking gigs, refine my presentation skills, and continue to grow by sharing book referrals and learning opportunities.

My Fitness Director, sends me recipes for making fresh juices, encourages me to stay fit & keep playing sports, and embodies a holistic wellness practice I want of healthy cooking, preventative health, and sustainable consumption.


There are also some role models that I’m still looking for and reaching out to people to connect with.  Feel free to provide me suggestions too if you know someone for the following:


My Creativity Director is someone who sees beauty in life, loves to play, write, dance, and express themselves through risks and adventure.

My Spiritual Director is someone who is grounded, wise, well-read, and diligent with a yoga & meditation practice.

My Freedom Director is someone who doesn’t work 9-5 anymore, is into lifestyle design & productivity, works from home or remotely, and has experience building an online business, while having time to do whatever he/she wants with spare time.



At the end of the day, finding people who have something you want, learning from them, and embodying their methods and practices to get to where they are at, is the key to high performance.  It isn’t about wanting what they have in terms of material success, but rather, it is about mimicking their best qualities and traits that are aligned with what you value and who you want to be.

So I encourage you to think of the values, traits, and qualities you want to develop and have, and who you can connect with to build your personal Board of Directors in order to become your best self.  Let me know how it goes, and if there is someone I can connect you with to serve on your Board of Directors.


Reconnectfully Yours,