“The way you feel about yourself is the way the universe feels about you too”. – Sura 



Coming back to Toronto two years ago, I’ve noticed that there is a different culture to the city than in Vancouver and the west coast. Life here is busy. People here are busy. Moreover, people here tell you they’re busy.

In the past year and a half, I started a speaking and facilitation business, hosted 30 Dream Circles, produced an online blog and video show, and led a community of over 500 Potentialists (LINK). Needless to say, the pace of life has certainly been fast with all this on my plate.

Unfortunately, my busyness caused me to start spending less time with good friends to focus on my work; I isolated myself when I had too much on my plate thinking I alone had to make them happen; and I hesitated to reach out for support in emotional times.


As a new year’s resolution this year, but more as a life resolution, I’ve decided to take the word “busy” out of my vocabulary.


In fact, I’ve decided to try to never say the word “busy” ever again.

The reason I have done this is because I have become a firm believer that words create our reality. The language we use, the stories we have been told, and the beliefs we tell ourselves significantly shape how we feel, savor, and experience life.

As someone who wants to experience the richness of life, live in line with my values, and harness my potential and give myself fully to the world, being “busy” and saying the word, wasn’t helping me do so.


I’ve seen that being busy is the new “cool”.


If you’re not busy, you’re not normal. If you’re not busy, you’re not doing enough. If you’re not busy, unbalanced, and struggling to keep up with your list of tasks, then we don’t want to associate with you because you’re too happy for the rest of us.

Given my passion for lifestyle design, I am a firm believer that we can still achieve our goals and things on our list of things to do every day, live in line with our values, and maintain a level of inner balance and happiness in the process. Busyness for me is a mental state, that in most cases induces additional stress in our minds and bodies, that ultimately doesn’t actually help us be and feel productive.

Now, when someone asks me how things are going, I don’t answer that I’m busy these days. Instead, I tell them the things I’m working on, struggling with or looking to improve; I share stories of what I’ve accomplished recently and where I’ve been; and talk about meaningful experiences I’ve had with the people I have spent time with.


Most of all, when I have a lot to do, I simply have a lot to do that day. I’m not busy, don’t feel it, and am able to DO my work and enjoy it.


What one word do you want to take out of your vocabulary? How is it impacting your happiness and productivity?



Reconnectfully Yours,