Oscar was a happy frog. When he was young, his parents thought he was an easy child. He was always content with playing outside, rolling in the mud, and sitting in the sun.

Being a frog was fun.


Every evening after school, Oscar had a group of friends he would explore the Grove with. The Grove was their home. It was their neighbourhood.

The Grove had huge trees, birds singing, lily pads, and lots of flies to chase. Some of his fondest memories with his friends include sliding off of the tree roots into the pond, seeing who could jump to the furthest lily pad, and making up drama skits about what their life would look like when they “grew up”.

Every night, as Oscar made his way to the bottom of the pond to sleep, he would look up at the starry night and dream. Growing up was something Oscar looked forward to.


He wanted to be just like his dad when he grew up.


Oscar’s dad was a famous frog in the Grove. He helped people find ponds to live in, and was really good at it. Everyone liked Oscar’s dad, and respected him.

As Oscar grew up, he started to embody some of the qualities of his dad, and become extraordinary himself. He won awards in school, knew lots of people, and even started his own business.

His business was to help people croak better.


All frogs know they can croak, but not everyone really knows how to bring out their best.


Oscar became popular in the Grove because of what he was doing. People thought it was inspiring.

As his business grew, Oscar moved from his modest family pond to living on his own. Then he got a bigger pond. As he got more success, he got an even bigger pond.

Until one day, Oscar woke up, and found himself living in the biggest pond in the entire Grove. The pond was so big, he couldn’t even see to the edges. It didn’t have big trees like the pond he grew up on; it didn’t have many lily pads to hop on, and it didn’t have mud around the edges to play in. In fact, it was such a sophisticated pond that Oscar could even control the shade level, and temperature of the water. He never even had to catch flies for food, as his servants did that for him.


It was what you would call “perfect”.


But Oscar started to not feel like he was the happy frog he used to be.

One day, instead of working on his business of helping other people croak better, and instead of sitting in the pond to relax, Oscar decided to go on an adventure; just like he used to when he was young.

Without telling his servants, he snuck out of his pond, and went for a long walk. He walked under bushes, slid on the roots of trees, jumped from lily pad to lily pad, and swam in different ponds. He sat around and waited to catch his own flies for food, and felt so excited when he got one, then two, then 5!

After lots of hopping around, place to place, Oscar returned home to his pond. But instead of going back into the water, and to the bottom of the pond again to sleep, he climbed a nearby tree and sat on a branch overlooking his pond.


From his vantage point, Oscar saw his entire pond before him.


He could see his servants working away to collect flies for him. He could see where he slept, the tidiness of the pond floor, and the well-maintained edges that didn’t have any mud on them.

Sitting there, Oscar began to see the importance of taking time to pause, step away from the pond he was living in, and reflecting on who he was. He realized that he had lost himself in his work and his pond, and his adventure that day reminded him of things that make him happy.

From that day forth, Oscar made a promise to himself to always take time out every day to have an adventure, do things for himself, and come back up to the branch he was sitting on, to overlook his pond, reflect on what he was learning about himself, and make adjustments to become more of the type of frog he wanted to be.


With a full heart, and a rekindled sense of hope and possibility, Oscar let out a loud croak to celebrate. CROAK!


As he sat there in the cool evening air, a gentle fog rolled in through the Grove and over the pond. The streaks of pastel colours that lit up the summer’s sky, faded to grey, as it began to drizzle rain, ever so gently.

Sitting there, on that branch, Oscar reached over to a leaf and held it over his head like an umbrella. Reassured, reconnected to himself, and with a vision of who he wanted to be, Oscar felt alive.


Today’s practice: Don’t let the desire to get somewhere or become “someone” take you away from the possibility of adventure that exists in every day.


Reconnectfully Yours,