Why must you do what you’re doing?


After a year of not writing, I’ve decided to pick up writing my blog again. I’m not sure why I stopped. It may have been that I started noticing my enjoyment of writing was fading and instead being replaced by a desire to know how many views my posts got, comparisons to other writers, and worrying if it was making an impact.

A lot has happened in the past year. I’ve worked for the David Suzuki Foundation again to help launch the Blue Dot movement, been speaking across Canada including hosting a full day leadership conference myself on the East Coast, and helped organize a retreat for facilitators to share and learn from each other called Supernacular Weekend. I also spent 5 months writing and preparing for the Ontario law bar exams, and passed, and will become a lawyer as of late September this year.


What brought me back to writing?


As with every period of transition, recently, I was thinking a lot of my “why”. For each of my goals this fall, I thought of why I was working towards them.


For my social life, I have found it hard to build a circle of close friends in Toronto. My why for working on this is because I don’t want to feel isolated, want to experience cool things in the city, want to build a support system, want to feel included, and enjoy hosting gatherings.

For my financial goals, I want to get more into investments and learning about real estate. My why for doing this is because I want to feel comfortable, I like learning about it, I have mentors to look up to and want to soak up their wisdom, and eventually I want to build a house or community-oriented sustainable residence.

For my relationship with my partner, I set a goal to make her feel special every week. My why for this is because she is beautiful, I love our adventures together, she loves me unconditionally, and I am grateful for her.


But for some reason, these reasons why didn’t feel compelling enough. Instead, I’ve started to think about why MUST I do these things.


Thinking about the reasons why I must do things makes appreciate what I will lose if I don’t take action – the cost, the pain, and the consequences. I’ve realized, it isn’t enough to think about the pleasure of doing something and the obstacles involved. Instead, what motivates me more is the pain of not doing it.

With this view, my reasons why are trumped by the main reason why I must achieve these goals.


I must build a social circle because I want to have deep connections throughout my life.

I must build financial freedom using real estate and investments because I want to be able to provide opportunities for my future unborn kids without stress and be able to have time to spend with them as they grow up instead of worrying about earning money.

I must make my partner feel special and commit to her every day because she needs to know just how much she means to me, how much she has helped me grow, and the healing her love has been for me.


So why must you do what you’re doing?


I came back to writing not because of how many people read this, not because of all of my ideas for blog posts, or because I enjoy observing and commenting on life. I came back because I must write to express myself and be creative. In the process, if it helps me grow and impact a few people around me, that’s just gravy on top.


Today’s practice: write down the reasons why you’re striving to that goal of yours, and find that one reason that compels you; the reason why you must do it.


Reconnectfully Yours,