Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to improve my morning routine.  I find that some days, I start off slow, while others I hit the ground running.  I think a big difference in my day has been posting this list of questions on my wall next to my bed.  I’ve found that it really helps me start the day energized, motivated, and feeling alive on the inside.  Here is my list, and I’d love to hear about your morning routine and daily questions in the comments!


Questions to feel grateful:


1) What do I love about myself? What are my strengths and what makes me unique?

2) How am I lucky in my life and what privileges do I have?

3) What is great in my life right now?

4) What have others done for me lately that I could be grateful for?

5) What could I be happy about today?

6) What am I proud of myself for recently?

7) Who do I love and who loves me?

8) What am I looking forward to and excited about?


Questions to grow:


1) What could I do today to step outside my comfort zone?

2) What would make today awesome?

3) What could I notice today that I haven’t noticed before?

4) What would I say, do or be if today was my last day alive?

5) How can I make someone’s day today?

6) Who can I connect deeply with?

7) What do I want to learn today?

8) How do I want to move my body, or creatively express myself today?


Questions to achieve goals:


1) How can I make an impact today?

2) What is realistic to achieve today? What tasks are most important/urgent?

3) Why are these important to achieve? How will it help me grow, contribute, and experience what I want?

4) How will you feel once you’re accomplished them? (Picture and feel it)

5) What are the metrics of success for each important task?

6) What small steps will help accomplish each of the important tasks?

7) What obstacles might arise and how will I address them?

8) How can I make it happen and enjoy the process?



Reconnectfully Yours,





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