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Five years ago, it was the year 2010, and I had just graduated law school. Someone suggested I check out a blogger out of San Francisco named Scott Dinsmore. Instantly, I became a fan.

Scott started out by writing a blog called Reading For Success where he would write online summaries for personal development books he had read. Over time, this amounted to over 100 books. While working in investments and wealth management by day, he decided to shift the focus of this blog towards helping people do work they love.

In 2010, I had just graduated from law school and was going through my articling year of rotations through law firms before getting called to the bar. I didn’t particularly enjoy it, despite wearing a nice suit to work every day, walking to work, having great colleagues, a window view of the mountains and ocean in Vancouver, and only working 9 to 5.


Scott started a movement called Live Your Legend to help people do work they love, take risks to experiment to find their passions, and connect with like minded people who believed in doing the impossible.


Scott changed my life. I did the initial Live Your Legend workbook, and it significantly shaped who I became. I left law to experiment and go on what has been an amazing 4 year adventure since. I worked for my dream organization, the David Suzuki Foundation, one of Canada’s most prominent environmental non-profit organizations; helped start a collaborative personal development community called The Potentialists; became a professional speaker and facilitator; did a TEDx talk about the Dream Circles I host to help people collaborate and support each other on their goals; got Arts Based Facilitation training; attended World Domination Summit; and have travelled and met so many amazing people in the process.

At World Domination Summit in Portland in July of 2013, I attended Scott’s pre-conference meet up, and met Leo Babauta (founder and author of Zen Habits). Meeting Leo and Scott in person was a dream, and I can totally understand why people are awe-struck when they meet celebrities. I had a great chat with both of them, gave them both hugs to thank them for their impact on my life, and afterwards, they offered to give me a ride with them to the WDS opening night party at the Portland Zoo. Wow!


Scott was always approachable, friendly, and his passion was contagious.


In November 2013, I had Scott on my video show to speak about how to connect with inspiring and passionate people and how to add values to these relationships.

I then helped advise him on the Live Your Legend communities he launched across the world, and have been a part of the Toronto group.

Finally, just this past July in 2015, I was in Paris at the same time he was there with his family. We tried to connect, but it turned out that I was flying out the day he was arriving. I still shared my list of top places to visit and eat at with him, and we had a nice conversation over email.


In my lifetime, I’ve met a lot of people, but it is rare to meet someone like Scott Dinsmore.


This past year, he was traveling the world with his wife to visit all of the Live Your Legend communities he had created, and experimenting with traveling and running his business. I was heart-broken to hear that Scott had an accident while hiking Mount Kilimanjaro yesterday, and unfortunately passed away.

Scott’s TED talk on How To Do Work You Love, has over 2 Million views. His Live Your Legend blog has massive readership, and he set up communities for people looking to live their best lives and do work that matters in over 100 cities around the world. The amount of impact this one man has had in his short lifetime of 32 years (we’re the same age), is what some of the greatest people in history have ever had.

Scott, in your honour, your light, and your spirit, I will continue to live my life every day in a way that impacts the world, connects deeply with others, and shamelessly pursues the impossible. Thank you for touching all of our lives.

Please visit Live Your Legend, check out his amazing programs, and join Scott’s Facebook Tribute page.  Finally, below is the Live Your Legend Creed, which I have on my laptop desktop and hope you like as well.


To doing work that matters, rest in peace Scott.



Sahil Dhingra


LiveYourLegend Creed