We all have heroes, and Tony Robbins has been one of mine.

My dad invested in his Personal Power program when we were broke immigrants, and barely making ends meet. It helped my dad go from working three labour jobs, to truly designing and living out a life of impact, generosity, and excellence as a top realtor in Canada.


I first did the Personal Power program when I was 19 years old, and being at a time of transition now, I am doing it again.


It is a phenomenal program to tap into your energy, design your future, reprogram your limiting beliefs, and create a new paradigm of what is possible in your life.

Yesterday in Toronto, Tony hosted a Power of Success conference with many other prominent speakers, authors, and thought leaders in the fields of personal development, real estate, and marketing. Although I didn’t particularly enjoy all the speakers, or the fact that most of them had a sales pitch for their programs at the end of their speeches, there were still a lot of good reminders and insights I got from the event.


Here are the top things I took away:


1. What is your story?

I was reminded about the importance of knowing my story, journey, and who I really am. I am planning on doing an inventory of the experiences and values and beliefs I hold. Only when I know who I really am, can I ever connect with others, share my story, and influence them to join the initiatives and causes I care about. It is also good to know my story to celebrate how far I’ve come, not repeat mistakes, and shape where I’m going.


2. Where are you going?

Tony says the science of achievement starts with having a focus on where we are going in all areas of our lives; spiritually, emotionally, financially, physically, etc. These goals should be so clear, specific, and measurable, that we can visualize them and picture them as real in order for us to create them in our life. Wherever our focus goes, our energy will flow.


3. Do you know why?

Les Brown summarized this really well. He said that we all want to get things, be things, and experience things, but knowing why is what will inspire us to make it a reality. I particularly enjoyed the part where he asked us to think about why we want to earn money, and to find our why by asking the following questions around money: What is my financial freedom dollar amount? What is something you would do for someone else with that money? What would be different in the world because you showed up on the planet?


5. Are your goals big enough?

Bob Proctor was one of my favourite speakers at the event, and he spoke about whether we’re actually aiming for the right goals. He said that often we pick goals that don’t push us higher, but just keep us moving horizontally in the same comfortable zone. He says that we often pick goals that we know how to do, or goals that we think we can do. Instead, he suggests stretching ourselves to aspire for the goals we really want to do (the big, hairy, audacious goals). We all have greatness within us, so what is the next greatest version of your life?


6. Are you taking massive action?

Once we know where we’re going, and have goals that make us excited and stretch us, Tony says we have to take action. How often have you had an idea, but not taken action towards it? Tony suggests doing things immediately after having the idea, doing 2 things daily towards your goal, and if things don’t work, trying something else until something does. I also appreciated him saying that fulfillment comes from growth and progress. It reminded me to keep showing up to practice my communication and speaking skills, morning meditations, and continuing to find a way to make my projects move forward.


7. Do you believe it’s possible?

I’m pretty sure most of us have heard of the steps I’ve mentioned so far. The things I learned about mindset from the event were probably one of the most important. I learned the importance of making time daily to read, listen to audio books, and put educational material in my brain to work on my mindset. Les Brown, the first speaker, spoke about the importance of being hungry to achieve your goal; that we have to believe they are possible, we have to do what is hard to get a life that is easy, and that they have to be so necessary for us to achieve that we’re determined to make them a reality. I also particularly enjoyed his story of showing up day after day at a radio station asking if someone had died or quit until he got a job; a good lesson of enduring many “no’s” until you get a “yes”.


8. Are your mental paradigms holding you back?

We all want to live life on our own rules, but what if those rules are the same ones that are holding us back? We all have beliefs, experiences, and values that shape our behavior. Often, however, what holds is back is not knowing what we want, but not being able to get unstuck from where we are at. Bob proctor spoke about how we all like to stay in the same box, and are unwilling to let die to the old to bring life to the new. He spoke about how we have to be willing and able to change our mental paradigm and to take a deep look at all the ways it is hindering our life; how it affects our perception, use of time, creativity, effectiveness, productivity, logic, and ability to earn money. This is exactly where I’m at, as I’m realizing how I’m viewing my world is holding me back from achieving the life I want, and that I’m only person that can replace this programming.


9. How is your energy level?

This one was huge for me. I realized that I was letting my results in life determine how I was feeling. I realized that I wasn’t celebrating enough, letting out my inner child, and that there is so much opportunity every day to be happy for no reason. I often look with envy at people who seem to be upbeat and bubbly all the time, and I feel that the conference helped show me how to do it. Tony Robbins absolutely rocked the room with his presentation; and that is an understatement. He got us up on our feet, dancing, and connecting with others. We did an activity where we spoke about something passionately versus dispassionately, and our partners reflected back what we do with our body, face, and voice between the two versions. This made me realize that at any moment, I can use my body, face, and voice to whip myself into a passionate state at any time. This state of peak energy is what will make me a good partner in a relationship, better as a speaker, connect more with clients, and feel charged in life. I don’t need an excuse to feel good anymore.


10. Who is on your side?

I met some great people at the event, and many speakers spoke about the importance of surrounding yourself with positive, supportive, and inspiring people. This month, I’ve started to put together a personal board of directors for all areas of my life, and have many amazing ones so far such as a top TEDx speaker for my speaking career, a monk for my spiritual development, an amazing couple for my relationship, and friends who have achieved financial freedom. I agree with Tony Robbins, that success leaves clues and we all need role models who know the path to success and can guide us. I also think it completely changes what is possible, as people help you bring out your potential. Tony said you become the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with, and this is making me rethink whom I am surrounding myself with, whether I need to distance myself from some people, and who I want to connect with to help me create the life I want.



I’ve heard many of these messages before, but the last part about who you surround yourself with particularly resonated. I’ve hosted Dream Circles for people to connect, find others interested in personal development, and mutually support one another on their goals. This fall marks the 3-year anniversary from when I did the first one. I’m thinking of creating a new program with more continuity, accountability, and a deeper connection between a smaller group of people. If you have any suggestions, or experience with running similar community building programs or masterminds, please contact me at sahil@thepotentialists.ca



Reconnectfully Yours,