“It may be that when we no longer know what to do, we have come to our real work and when we no longer know which way to go, we have begun our real journey.”

~Wendell Berry



I’m going through a personal transition right now as I’m getting called to the bar this week to become a lawyer, unsure what projects to focus on next in my speaking career, and starting to explore building financial freedom through real estate. In any period of transition, I think it always begins with tuning into who we are, what we value, and why. Coming from this place, I find the ideas I have of what to do next end up aligning well with my core.


But one part I always get stuck on is once I’ve narrowed it down to a few options, deciding which of the options I should pick as my next step.


The other part that is challenging in this process is going through it alone. Normally, I stay in my room to reflect and go through all of my personal development blog posts, articles, and programs I’ve collected over the years. I try to re-evaluate my values, understand where my lack of fulfillment is coming from, and create new goals which align with who I am and who I want to become.  This can be a confusing, isolating, and dragged out process.


This time around, I am asking for help.


I am reaching out to people I know well, people who have seen me speak, and people who follow my blog (you) for advice on what they see in me.

I learned this approach from Scott Dinsmore. With the results of what others see in me, I can take the options I’m choosing between and rank them against how well they match up against this co-created list of values, passions, and strengths I have. But before I get into that approach (which will be an upcoming blog post), I wanted to take the opportunity to first ask you all these questions Scott shared with me.


Your answers will really help in understanding what I bring to others, how others perceive me, and what value I can bring going forward. If possible, please email me your answers at, or comment below, by September 27th, 2015, as I’ll be deciding my next steps that day.


Here are the questions:


  1. What do you think are my biggest passions and why? If you can think of at least two or three, that would be great. Please explain.


  1. What do you think are my biggest natural strengths and talents? Please explain.


  1. Given the above and what you know about me, what have you always thought I’d be great at doing as a career? Or maybe as a volunteer or hobby? Please explain.


  1. Assuming you didn’t know me personally, what talent, skill or passion would you happily pay me to teach or help you with? Why?


  1. Are there any projects or people you suggest I connect with?



This is my attempt to get outside my head, be vulnerable, and feel a less alone in this process, so thanks for your help in advance. Once again, feel free to email me your responses at, and I’ll be sure to share the results of this experiment soon.



Reconnectfully Yours,