Lately, I’ve been working on watching what I am focusing on.  A big help so far has been changing the questions I am asking myself in order to steer the focus of my mind towards a positive focus.  I wrote a blog post about the 24 questions I ask myself to start the day, so this is the sequel with questions I ask myself before I go to bed.

Here is my list of questions I ask before going to bed, and I’d love to hear about your end of the day routine to reflect and grow.


Questions to reflect at end of day:

1) What went well today?

2) How many times did I feel happy today? Where did those moments come from? How can I have more of them?

3) What didn’t go well today? What mistakes do I not want to repeat in terms of my behaviour or thought patterns?

4) What did I learn about myself from what went well and what didn’t go well? What clarifications did I get about who I am, who I am not, and who I want to be?

5) Did today matter? If today was my last day, would I be happy with how I lived it?
6) How is today different than yesterday?
7) What’s one word you’d use to describe today?

8) What 10 things am I grateful for in myself?
9) What 10 things am I grateful for in others or about life?

10) Where can I send some healing love to someone or somewhere in the world?
11) Who can I forgive and what can let go of?

12) How can I make tomorrow better?


Reconnectfully Yours,



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