Two weeks ago, I challenged myself and the Potentialists community to do a 10 day challenge to track our behavior in the areas of our time, food we eat, money we spend, and connection to others.

Doing this has led me to some major insights, and is making me want to continue to track my behavior so that I don’t fall back into patterns that aren’t in line with who I want to be and where I am going in life.


My spreadsheet can be found here: http://tinyurl.com/nkxveo9

(to get your own template, keep reading…)


Here is what I learned:


  1. Time Commuting

I learned that I was spending a lot of time commuting to a law firm every day, and it was taking a toll on my health. During the course of this challenge, I decided to leave that firm and join another lawyer closer to my house. Just measuring the hours gave me the data and stark reality check of what was not working for me. This led to a change from a 3 hour daily commute to now, one that is under 2 hours round-trip, which includes personal time during the week to see my girlfriend or run errands. A great improvement!


  1. Time Connecting

I realized that I spend almost an average of 4 hours of time a day connecting with my loved ones. Although I love them, I realize I have to say no a bit more often, take time for myself, and not feel bad doing so.


  1. Time for Play

As of now, the average amount of time I spend playing is 0.875 hours per day. Play for me is very important to feeling healthy, being creative, and making sure I take time to do things for my soul, like writing or being outdoors. This is relatively low, so I’m a taking step to actively build more play time into my day, and it relates to saying no more too connecting with others in #2 above.


  1. Time for Personal Growth

My average personal growth time per day is half an hour. This usually involves doing morning gratitude, and an evening journaling practice. However, I want to try to increase this to 1 hour per day so that I make time to read books, and develop a consistent morning meditation practice.


  1. Money Spent

I spent on average $18 per day for the day. When you cut $6 off for daily cost of transit, $12 a day for meals and entertainment isn’t bad. I still want to try to pack more lunches so I’m not eating out as often, and don’t end up eating food that isn’t as nutritional as I’d like it to be. (see #6)


  1. Food intake

I’ve been pretty good about my morning green smoothies, and eating a good breakfast every day. However, I realize that some days I don’t eat enough fruits, vegetables, or drink enough water. I’ve also become aware of the days when I’ve got a lot to do, I might miss meals or eat them much later than I should. This has helped me get the awareness to make sure I have snacks or a packed meal handy when I need to eat.


How was your 10 day challenge to measure your areas of life?


I’d love to get feedback on this process, and whether it worked. If you’re interested in getting a copy of the spreadsheet template I used or want more support, feel free to reach out at sahil@thepotentialists.ca. I’m currently doing holistic life coaching for people and am happy to help you find balance and success in your life.


Reconnectfully Yours,