Here is what normally happens to me after a negative incident. First, I feel the negative emotion. Second, I either respond to the situation if I’m in an aware state of mind. On the other hand, if I don’t have good awareness, I end up reacting to the situation. Over time, I then reflect on my actions, notice the pattern, and try to change it.


I try to condition myself into new, positive, conditioned responses in behavior and thought.


This is a point at which a lot of personal development ends. It says that the perception of life and how we shape our reality starts and ends with our minds. However, the problem I have with this is that my mind will be ready and excited about the new way I want to live and be, but my body still ends up having the same negative emotional response the next time a similar situation happens.

Having become aware of this, one thing I’m working on this week is how to pump up my body on a regular basis to be in a peak state, so that it is more likely to cooperate with the positive thoughts and messages I am putting in my mind.


Some ways I’ve been inspired to do this come from my own ideas, some from my parents who I was having a conversation about this with, and some from things I’ve heard. Here is a short list:


  1. Clap your hands

Clapping hands signals applause, it is a positive association in us all, and also stimulates acupressure points in your hands to increase blood flow and energy.


  1. LSD

Laugh. Sing. Dance. Doing one of these activities is always positive. But what if throughout the course of the day you broke out into song not just when you’re in the shower or driving? What if we laughed for no reason and did laughter yoga just to increase our own energy? What if we danced to the song in our head or played music at noon every day for a daily dance party? In my schedule this week, I am putting this every day at noon and will see how it goes. I’m sure it will make for a happy afternoon, and some great stories.


  1. Power pose

Try putting your hands up in the victor “V” pose with your arms, as if you just won a gold medal in the Olympics. Hold it for 2 minutes. Just holding the position makes us feel amazing. Finding a power pose that works for you no matter what, is how we separate what is happening to us from how we choose to feel at any given moment.


  1. I AMs

Use your voice, look in the mirror, and say all the things that are amazing about you starting with “I am…”. Be silly, be playful, and put your full energy behind the words so you pump yourself up.


  1. Praise the universe

Stop wherever you are standing, and look at your feet. Think about where you are standing, and all that you have in your pocket, on your body, in your mind, and in your day-to-day life. Now look up, think about how small you are in the universe, how rare and special this human life is, and how magical it is to live in this time and age on an incredible, complex, and magnificent planet like Earth.


How do you pump yourself up?


Reconnectfully Yours,