Last year a few friends of mine gathered in a beautiful chalet in nature, 3 hours away from Toronto, to reflect and grow together. We called it Supernacular Weekend. Today, I’m so excited to announce that we’re hosting the 2nd annual version, and it will be bigger and better.

Supernacular Weekend – Leap Forward edition is a gathering to bring great people together to reflect, set goals, and gain support to make 2016 their best year yet. It is taking place January 15-17, 2016 at an outdoor education center. We intentionally limit the spots to make the event an intimate co-created experience.

Join us for a weekend of festivities, renewal, and adventure.

Visit us to apply or to learn more about it!


DAY 2 of 21-Day Refection Challenge 

Yesterday, we started the 21 Day Reflection Challenge and the first question was “What is one of your most magical moments this past year”?

Today, I want to ask you “What is one of the most magical moments you created for others this past year”?


For me, it was really fun to organize and plan my dad’s 60th birthday surprise party this year. We told him that we were just going to stay home and our relatives all had things come up and couldn’t make it. Then, they all showed up. And if you know Indian families, that can be a lot of people. He was so unsuspecting, and it was priceless.

We dressed him up with a custom birthday hat we made, silly clothes, and played music to dance with him.

I’ve written about my dad on my blog before, and have a deep admiration for him as a person, man, and who is to so many of his clients and friends. So to commemorate his big milestone of turning 60, the most meaningful part of the evening was when the entire family sat together in the living room at our house and we went around the circle to each say or share something we loved about him.

My cousin’s kids who are 10 and 12 years old, made a video they made of all the messages they gathered from relatives in India. I wrote a poem for my dad. My sister shared a story.

I could see how touched he was and how loved he felt.

So that’s one of my most magical memories I’ve created for others this year? What about you?


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