Here are Days 8 to 14 of the 21-Day Refection Challenge:


Day 8 – What did you create or make this year? I believe we are all creative, and although we have to work, eat, and sleep, the purpose of our lives is to bring forth our gifts and create what we want to see in the world.


Day 9 – What are you grateful for in 2015? Perhaps this means the people you met, opportunities you had, or unique experiences that happened to you. What ways did you grow both from the positive and negative experiences?


Day 10 – What were your greatest challenges in 2015?


Day 11 – When did you step outside your comfort zone? What excuses did you give yourself? When did you let fear hold you back or remain stuck?

“It’s not getting to the wall that counts, it’s what you do after you hit it”


Day 12 – Did you try tracking how well you did? Check out this article on how I did a 10 Day Habit Tracking Challenge.


Day 13 – What were your big lessons you learned this year from looking at your highs/lows?


Day 14 – Did you take 100 % responsibility for your life? As Darren Hardy of Success Magazine says “You alone are responsible for what you do, don’t do, or how you respond to what’s done to you.”

Where in your life are you not taking 100% responsibility for your success or failure? What mistakes did you make? What things should you have done but didn’t? What things happened to you but you responded poorly? What 3 things can you do now to take responsibility for the outcomes of your life?


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