Here are Days 16 to 21 of the 21-Day Refection Challenge:


Day 16 – Looking back in 2015, what did you love about the work you did?

Day 17 – When did you feel in flow? What were you doing?


Day 18 – What were you successful at and need to keep up this next year? i.e. skills, areas of business, ways of communication. Otherwise, you will get complacent


Day 19 – Did you do work that was fulfilling? Have you been saying yes to an unfulfilling job?  What do you hate about it, and what isn’t working for you? When you say Yes to a job you don’t love, you say No to your dreams


Day 20 – What did you let yourself tolerate?

We get what we tolerate, accept and think we’re worthy of. Did you tolerate disrespect, being overworked, underpay, being burnt out? We are in charge of whether or not we let people treat us a certain way, so how can you better protect your emotional, mental and physical space?


Day 21 – When did you feel anxious?

Anxiety is not a bad thing. It is simply as my friend Shayan says, “ungrounded excitement”. It means that we are in between where we currently are and where we want to be, and we have a decision to be made. Anxiety is simply the excitement of choice. So ask yourself : “Where is the anxiety my your body?” Put your hand over that area (i.e. chest). Then give it a voice and let it describe itself. Put yourself in it’s place, and describe the anxiety using open sentences starting with “I am…”, “I feel…”, “I need…”, or “I wanted…”. Asking the anxiety why it is here can help you understand what you have to change.


BONUS: Day 22 – Is there something you set out to do this year but didn’t? Why?

Are you now where you thought you’d be? What areas of your life were you not consistent enough? What did you waste your time on? What area of your life were you lacking enthusiasm or vitality?

Do you have the income, lifestyle, relationships, health, skills you intended to have by the end of 2015? Why or why not? Look at the choices you made that led to what results you’re now getting.


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