Valentine’s day is usually such a commercial affair. Gifts, chocolates, jewelry, etc.


This year, my partner Joyce is out of town for a Vipassana Meditation retreat, and is returning on February 15th. One thing we’ve learned about each other this year is our 5 Love Languages. If you haven’t heard of this, I highly recommend you do the quiz, regardless of whether you’re in a relationship or not.


Essentially, knowing your Love Languages helps you figure out how you like to be loved. Knowing this about your partner helps you love them not the way you want to love and feel love, but rather, the way they uniquely like to feel loved.


Given one of Joyce’s top love languages is Acts of Service, I thought I would take it into my own hands to put on a surprise for her. She is an amazing artist, and had this idea to host a gathering for people to connect in a meaningful way, lose track of time like we used to when we were kids, and express ourselves through play and creative activities. She called it Social Artivity, and even sent me all the details and graphics.


So if you’re available on Feb 15th, and available at either 3pm or 7pm for one of the Toronto debut events, please try to come out and help me make this surprise a reality.


Register here:


Reconnectfully Yours,