Welcome to Reconnectfully Yours!


My name is Sahil Dhingra, and I am a Professional Speaker, Community Engagement specialist, and Lawyer.  I write this blog, host an online show with prominent experts, and have spoken at over 100 events across North America since September 2012, including doing my first TEDx talk.

In our lives, we are not taught how to connect with ourselves, overcome mental patterns that hold us back, and create the life we want.  I believe introspection can be taught, and that in going within, we are able to unleash our true power.  I also believe that we can’t do it alone; we have so much to share and learn from each other, and we need a community to help us achieve our goals.

This blog is part of a free online community I founded called The Potentialists for people to connect with others who want to become their best selves. There are over 500 members, and we meet regularly at events called Dream Circles which I organize and host at conferences.

I hope you enjoy this collection of stories, interviews, and my understandings of what it means to live a connected life.  I look forward to sharing and learning with you along my journey. Thank you for being a part of our community!


Reconnectfully Yours,